Cutting Tools Product Types

2 Flute Double End Ball Nose
3 Flute Premium Grade Tapered End Mills
82 Right Hand Included Centre Drill
90 Right Hand included Centre Drill
Aircraft Counterbores and Spot Facers
Aircraft Extension Drills
Carbide Countersinks
Carbide Die Sinking End Mills
Carbide Tipped Brazed Tooling
Carbide Tipped Brazed Turning and Boring Tools
Carbide Tipped Round Boring Tool
Combined drill and countersink
Cranked Facing Tools
Cranked Knife Tools
Cranked Turning & face Tools
Die Adaptors
Die Holders
Die Stocks
Double Angle Shank Type Cutters
Dovetail Mills
External Threading tools
Face Angle Shank-Type Mill Cutters
Fly Cutters
Ground HSS Jobber Drills
Ground Toolbits
Hexagon Dies
High Speed Chucking Reamers
HSS 60 Bell Type Centre Drill
HSS 60 Centre Drills
HSS 60 Long Series Centre Drill
HSS 60 Short Series Centre Drill
HSS Circular Rethreading Dies
HSS Combination Tap-N-Drill
HSS Face Angle Shank-Type Mill Cutters
HSS Fluteless Taps
HSS Left Hand Taps
HSS Left Hand UNC and UNF Taps
HSS Long Series Drills
HSS Long Series Taps
HSS Metric Coarse and Second Metric Fine Hand Taps
HSS Metric Taper Shank Jobber Drills
HSS Reduced Shank Blacksmith Drills
HSS Side & Face Milling Cutters
HSS Small Shank Long Series Taps
HSS Spark Plug Taps
HSS Spiral Point Hand Taps
HSS Stub Drill
HSS UNC and UNF Standard Hand Taps
HSS UNF & UNC Circular Split Dies
Imperial Cobalt Jobber Drills
Imperial HSS Taper Shank Drills
Inside Corner Tools
Internal Threading Tools
Internal Undercutting Tools
Metric Cobalt Jobber Drills
Miniature End Mill 2 Flute
Miniature End Mill 4 Flute
Miniature End Mill 4 Flute Double End Long Length-HSS
Miniature End Mill 4 Flute Double End Regular Length-HSS
Miniature End Mill 4 Flute Double End Stub length-HSS
Miniature End Mills 3/16" Shank
Neutral Threading 60 American Standard
NPS Split Dies
NPT Split Dies
Parting Off Tools
Pointed Nose Tool
Radius Shank Type Cutters
Recessing Tools
Rectangle Toolbits
Roll Forged HSS Jobber Drills
Rough Boring Tools
Round Toolbits
Screw Extractor Sets
Screw Extractors
Single Angle Shank Type Cutters
Socket Cap Screw Counterbore Set
Solid Carbide Round Cylinders
Spiral Point Taps
Square Nose Tools
Square Toolbits
Straight Finishing Tools
Tap & Die Sets
Tap Wrench
Tin Coated Jobber Drills
Woodruff Keyseat Cutters


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